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Having your wheel alignment checked regularly is imperative to ensure that you are safe on the road. Wheels should be set up so that it is within your specific manufacturer limits and so that steering is aligned appropriately allowing you to drive truly straight.

If a wheel alignment procedure is necessary we charge per wheel that is misaligned to ensure that you never pay for unnecessary work. Our prices are in line with major repair centres and if we have to align several axles we will always offer a good discount.

At MB Services we use the latest technology for all of our procedures and ensure that you receive the best service possible at a fair price. We offer a much more personable service than you would receive at a major auto centre and our checks are highly thorough and reliable.

MB Services are the top wheel alignment specialists in Sheffield. Our friendly, professional team are highly qualified and primed to deal with any traction or motoring dilemmas that you may have.

At MB Services we use top of the range Bosch 3D technology to fix your alignment if it’s out of sync. We do this quickly and at a great price to get you back out on the road as soon as possible.


What Is Wheel Alignment?

Alignment sometimes referred to as wheel tracking, is the process of altering the position of wheels on a vehicle so that it doesn’t pull to one side whilst you drive.


How is a realignment performed?

When performing a wheel alignment procedure we adjust the angle of misaligned wheels in order to restore them to their true original position. This is as recommended by the manufacturer specification for your exact vehicle.


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What are the signs of incorrect alignment?

There are many signs that your wheels may be out of line. A tell-tale symptom is that tyres have started to wear unevenly on the outside or inside edge. The tyre wear caused by incorrect alignment can then also have a negative impact on braking distance, driving experience and fuel economy.


Next steps

We are always happy to provide advice without any obligation. Over decades we’ve become Sheffield drivers’ go-to car care team, thanks to our exceptional customer service and a reputation for providing the best service in the region.

If you believe that your car is suffering from incorrect alignment you should Contact MB Services today and one of our team of experts will happily provide you with a free check.