Car Servicing and MOT Requirements

Your car is required to pass its MOT to be driven on public roads- but it is not required to have regular servicing, although regular car checks often prolong the life of the vehicle. We offer both a time-based and mileage based car service. Regular car servicing is vital to maintaining your vehicle’s high performance & preserve efficient, smooth function. Servicing highlights any issues with the vehicle early as well as ensuring vital components such as tyres, oil and electrics are working correctly.


Car Service and MOT Sheffield at MB Services

Sheffield’s drivers have been coming to MB Services for over 25 years for our friendly, professional service. At MB Services we offer an exceptional level of service for your vehicle, making sure it has a clean bill of health and is able to pass its MOT with flying colours. Our MOTs are thorough and honest, as well as reasonably priced. With MB Services you can be confident that your car will get the best treatment both in servicing and in its MOT to ensure your car performs to its maximum potential for as long as possible. Our MOT centre has all the latest and greatest Bosch technology to thoroughly & precisely examine your vehicle.


MOT & Servicing Packages In SheffieldMOT In Sheffield

At MB Services we offer an MOT and servicing package to ensure that your vehicle is working at optimum performance prior to its MOT.
By giving your car a service before its MOT you can be sure that it will be road worthy and pass. A car service will highlight any issues with the vehicle and give us plenty of time to make the correct alterations before we put it through the MOT.
This will save you money in the long term, catching problems before they develop and prolonging the life of your car, and it will not fail an MOT.

Browse our MOT & service packages today to see what we can do to keep you on the road for as little cost as possible. We have been offering MOT in Sheffield for years and have exceeded the expectations for thousands of drivers.

MB Services are also specialists in fleet car servicing and repairs, company car servicing and repairs and are a ‘1-link’ authorised servicing partner.


Manufacturer Based Car Servicing

At MB Services we provide manufacturer based car services, which is where we will service your car to manufacturer specified criteria and parts or original equipment quality parts.

Block Exemption Laws’ state that third party mechanics and garages are able to provide car servicing under manufacturer’s warranty, providing we stick to their schedules, use original or equivalent parts and lubricants, and that a suitably qualified mechanic completes the car service & MOT. At MB Services Sheffield we will always replace them with the correct specified, or original equivalent parts closest in quality available on the market.

Manufacturers use the best components for their vehicles, and servicing your car using these parts will mean your car continues to operate at maximum efficiency. We use manufacturer quality parts which means you’ll receive the highest standard of parts in your car.
At MB Services our manufacturer based servicing provides a high quality car service by highly skilled technicians that have had years of experience dealing with all makes and models of vehicles. Contact us today to see how we can use manufacturer based servicing for your vehicle.


Sheffield MOT Will My Car Still Be Covered By Warranty?

Manufacturers allow garages that have been certified by them to work on their vehicles without voiding your warranty. This legislation is called the ‘block exemption laws’ and applies to all manufacturers of vehicles that offer a warranty.

The block exemption laws state that a third party garage is able to work on a vehicle providing they use manufacturer approved parts, oils and lubricants, which MB Services Sheffield does.


Next Steps

MB Services Sheffield is one of few garages/MOT Centres in the region that are able to work on vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi without voiding your warranty. Contact us today to compare prices to your manufacturer; we are sure you will find better value for the same high quality.