Icy Roads: Avoid wheel alignment nightmares

It’s getting colder, darker and wetter: so how do you ensure your car traction stays on top form? As the weather cools, and conditions worsen, your tyres need to get a grip!


MB Services help Sheffield drivers prepare for winter








Alignment & balance

You need to ensure your tyres are aligned correctly to keep tyre wear to a minimum. Uneven or excessive tyre wear can reduce tread and even lead to a blowout. Poor balancing can also lead to steering problems, reduced fuel efficiency and poor drive quality. While even the slightest evidence of wheel misalignment can’t be safely ignored, many will leave it for as long as possible. Over time, however, the problem will worsen and all the while steering will deteriorate, meaning you won’t be in proper & full control of your vehicle.


Tread & inflation

Crucial to safe driving on slippery or uneven road surfaces is your tyre tread. The depth of the tread can be measured with a depth gauge. If yours start to deteriorate, it will reduce grip, increasing both stopping distance and the chances of skidding. On wet, muddy, snowy or icy surfaces, poor tyre condition can be a real danger.



Your brakes need to work: it’s that simple. You’ve got to count on them if anything goes wrong- if they don’t the results could be disastrous. Keep your brakes working on top form by getting them checked regularly, testing them before long trips and if you see the ABS warning light, or find your brakes getting clunky or unresponsive- get to a garage or park safely and call roadside assistance.


You can always rely on MB Services to keep your car running smoothly and safely through the winter. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.


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