Is dpf cleaning effective

DPF cleaning has become one of the main solutions to unblocking DPF filters. Here at MB Services, we offer DPF cleaning as well as other DPF solutions, such as Terraclean and regeneration. DPF cleaning is the most effective way of cleaning your DPF,  with a variety of cleaning systems that can be done to clean the DPF

Here at MB Services, we use the latest DPF cleaning equipment, ensuring a full reconditioned DPF to a factory standard. The cleaning system will restore your DPF filter back to factory-like condition. Creating an effective DPF.
Is DPF cleaning effective?
What are the benefits?

  • Removal of PM10 residuals
  • Removal of oil residuals
  • Removal of cerium residuals
  • cleaning of all of the types of particulate filter and catalyst (cars and heavy goods vehicles, also SCR) of every size.
  • Improves the safety of the DPF
  • Preservations of the noble metals of the DPF
  • Efficient and fast


Effective DPF Cleaning at MB Services

Contact us today to see how we can make your DPF efficient, back to near factory condition. We offer a 12-month guarantee with all our DPF cleaning services we carry out. Our team of highly trained professionals have a wealth of experience in cleaning DPF filters.




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