DPF Cleaning Services

Here at MB Services, we offer state-of-the-art DPF filter cleaning services in Sheffield. When your diesel particulate filter becomes clogged with soot, it stops filtering out the diesel particles from your exhaust and can cause further damage to your engine if left unchecked. While DPF removal used to be a favourite among drivers, this procedure is now illegal due to the damage it can cause to the environment. DPF cleaning is a simple procedure that keeps your filter in good working condition and your engine running smoothly. 

Key Benefits of DPF Cleaning

  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Longer Engine Life
  • Better Overall Engine Performance
  • Extended DPF Lifespan

How We Do It

We are proud to be Sheffield’s top DPF specialists, being able to cater our services specifically to the needs of your car. We provide DPF cleaning services in three main stages, depending on the severity of the blockage at hand. 

Stage 1 – A simple chemical clean of the DPF filter, softening the soot and removing small amounts that have been caught in the filter mesh. 

Stage 2 – A total flush of the filter, removing all residue and soot and bringing it back to working condition. 

Stage 3 – A chemical based temperature lowering treatment that both cleans and unblocks the filter, bringing it back to near factory condition. 


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Our highly trained technicians can walk you through the process and recommend the best solution for your filter. We always have the interests of our customers at heart, so we work hard to balance your needs and budget but always provide a top quality service. We have a solution for any DPF or emissions related problem.

DPF Regeneration

We also offer a high quality DPF regeneration service, carrying out what is called a ‘forced regeneration’ of the filter. This procedure is completed by initiating your engine management system to manually regenerate the DPF. This occurs when we tell your engine management system to inject a post TDC of diesel into the engine, raising the combustion temperature and recreating the conditions that are required to burn away the excess diesel particulate matter that has become trapped in the filter mesh.

This process clears the blockage and brings it back to working condition. This procedure can be completed at our Sheffield workshop in a day, and is offered as part of all of our servicing packages. Not only can we clean, regenerate or replace your DPF, we can also condition your engine management system to trigger automatic regenerations on a regular basis.

DPF Replacement

If your DPF is beyond regeneration or cleaning, we can also replace the filter with a factory fresh model. We will install it in the same manner as you would expect from a main dealer service, and is guaranteed to improve the performance of your car. Our highly trained Bosch technicians have access to all the same equipment, data and expertise that major dealer centres do, and will complete the replacement as efficiently and effectively as possible. We also provide you with a free bottle of DPF treatment solution to help keep it clean and in good shape.

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What Causes a DPF Blockage?

Your DPF is designed to remove carbon soot and diesel residue from the exhaust fumes of a diesel engine, but over time these waste particles can become too much for the DPF to handle and can block the filter mesh. This can drastically affect the performance of your car and can damage your engine.

If long car journeys are not a common thing for a driver, then their DPF filter never gets to the right temperature that allows it to burn away the blockage. This is common for diesel drivers who drive predominantly in the city or busy urban areas. 

If your filter becomes 90% full of soot, cleaning will no longer suffice and the DPF will have to be replaced. Ignoring the blockage will have serious implications for your engine and can lead to serious damage. 

Get in Touch

DPF issues are easier, cheaper and faster to fix if caught early, so we recommend DPF cleaning twice a year to ensure the filter stays clean and able to filter out all the waste particles. Here at MB Services, we have been providing DPF cleaning services in Sheffield for over 20 years, and are known for our exceptional standard of service.

If you suspect your DPF may need cleaning, get in touch with us today to discuss your needs. We also provide manufacturer-standard diagnostic testing, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have noticed a change in the way your car drives.