What Does The Engine Management Light Mean?

If the Engine Management Light (pictured above) appears on the dashboard of your car, this could be a sign of a major issue with your engine that could cause an accident or further damage to the car. It is very important that you get your engine checked immediately when the Engine Management Light appears.

The light will appear when the engine is initially switched on along with other dashboard lights, but should turn off as soon as the engine starts. If the engine is running and the light is still visible, this indicates that there is a problem with your engine management system.

What Could Be Wrong?

The Engine Management Light can be the indicator for a wide range of issues including engine flooding or misfiring or an issue with the Engine Control Unit (ECU), which is essentially the brain of your car. A misfire can potentially be an easy fix such as replacing spark plugs, but bigger issues such as a fault in your ECU can cause your car to behave irrationally and cause an accident.

What Should I Do?

If the Engine Management Light is flashing as you drive, this is a warning from your car to reduce your speed immediately or risk further damage to the engine. If this happens to you, travel at slow speeds until the light stops flashing and becomes constantly lit. Get your engine checked straight away by the expert team at MB Services for a quick and accurate diagnosis of the fault.

If you ignore this warning light, you risk major damage to both your engine, your ECU and your catalytic converter, which is very expensive and time consuming to fix. To avoid this, contact MB Services as soon as the Engine Management Light appears when your engine is running. We can give you with a fast diagnosis of the problem and dealer quality services to ensure your car is back on the road as soon as possible. Our workshop is equipped with the latest Bosch equipment, which allows our engineers to provide main dealer level diagnostic tests at a fraction of the price.