warning-lightsWarning Lights

MB Services is a specialist in diagnosing your engine issue, often based on one of these Engine Management Fault warning lights appearing on your car dashboard. If you see one of these common fault lights appear, check your car handbook and make an appointment with us to diagnose your engine issue appropriately and efficiently.


Four of the most commonly seen engine warning lights include the Engine Management Light, the ABS Warning Light, the Airbag Warning Light, and the ESP Traction Control Warning Light. At MB Services, we can quickly and accurately diagnose these issues and provide our expertise to rectify the problems.


Engine warning lights appear for a reason, and it’s imperative that you make an appointment to have this issue checked out by a certified professional as soon as possible, and before you cause any more lasting damage. Our team at MB Services Yorkshire will be happy to speak to you on the phone about your particular warning light and offer the best advice possible, so don’t delay, contact us today.